early bird or a night owl?

Most people are either an early bird or a night owl, which are you?

Early birds have never heard of a lie in, they are awake at the crack of dawn and start the day with a spring in their step.

Night owls cringe at the thought of an alarm first thing in the morning and remain groggy until midday, they are often only aware of the world around them from the afternoon and can stay awake all night.

Jobs for night owls

  • Bar staff – Start work in the early evening and work through the night, often bar staff are among those you see who haven’t been home yet when you are off to work in the early morning. For night owls this could be the ultimate opportunity to work during your peak hours and sleep through the dreaded mornings.


  • Call centre or Customer service - Most call centres operate long into the evening and night to provide the upmost customer care to their clients. Many retail organisations are open well into the evening to cater for all types of work/home lifestyles!


  • Restaurant – Restaurants offer a variety of shifts to cover lunch and dinner times. This allows you to have a later start to your day – no more 6am wake up calls!

Jobs for early birds

  • Finance/banking – Most banks open for 8:30 and close by 4/5pm you need to be able to rise early. Financial services companies are up and running ready for the financial day to start.


  • Call centre – Call centres operate throughout


  • Supermarket – From the bakery department to online shoppers there is often a bustle within a supermarket long before the doors open for the public!


  • Postal work – This doesn’t have to be a stereotypical post man/woman job many large corporations have postal departments who’s day starts between 3am – 6am

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