Could Temp work be for me?

There are many benefits of temporary work. You are able to gain experience in a new industry/environment to prove yourself capable in a role that ordinarily you may not have had the opportunity to do.

Maybe your experience is not relevant to the employer or you have been out of work a long time. By undertaking a temporary assignment initially you are able to prove yourself, gain experience and open new doors for yourself. It may be right for you if you have found it difficult to find a permanent position or it is taking longer than you expected, maybe you are studying or have other commitments and don’t want to tie yourself down for a long period of time and it suits you to have the opportunity to earn a little more money and working for a few weeks at a time.

As temporary assignments become more popular with both employers and candidates there are many questions and doubts arising.

Gain some control of your career - Although most would panic at the thought of not having fixed employment initially, one of the biggest benefits of temporary assignments is the flexibility. You are in control of your career and have the freedom to try something new without being tied down.

Learn new skills - By spending some time temping across different positions, it can allow you to gain exposure to different environments and experience new systems

Temping can really help you decide where you want to go with your career, what kind of environment works for you and helps build your experience.

Gain some experience - Once you have completed a couple of assignments with well known, respected companies you’ll find that your CV will become a lot more impressive and show adaptability. This could be the difference in ending up in the Yes or No pile to an employer.

Get a foot in the door - Most companies don’t want to see a good worker leave, but it is not always possible for a temporary assignment to lead to a permanent position. However, once you have proven yourself to be a valuable asset to a company you are more likely to be remembered when a role does become available. 

Gain some perspective – Taking some time away from permanent positions, to undertake some temporary assignments, allows you to take more time for yourself. Happiness in a job has never been more important, and temporary assignments can help you to gain perspective as to what brings fulfilment to you within your career.

You still have rights – Many people believe that by working on a temporary assignment you waive any rights you deserve as an employee, this is not true. You still have rights and are entitled to benefits such as sick pay, holiday allowance and regular pay along with the same quality of working conditions as permanent members of staff.

Never turn down a good temporary assignment just because you want a permanent contract, you never know, a bigger and better opportunity could lead on from it.


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